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Death To Flanders Death To Flanders

Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Needs a lot of work. A whole lot of work.

The visuals weren't bad and the sound bites were pretty fitting, but it's still sub-par. The Flanders game could probably use the most improvement. Instead of having a flimsy white box around certain parts of his body, and having him slide around the screen like a maniac that movies so fast you barely have time to click on him, make it more like an actual game. Flanders should be able to attack you (probably with the power of his bible), and Homer should be able to select different weapons on the spot. Perhaps he could eventually turn into a zombie, much like in one of the Haloween episodes. The sound board was also lacking, as it one of the sounds wasn't even related to Flanders, and there should have been tons more, at least a couple dozen or so. Overall, the ideas are good, but they need a lot of improvement. Work on them, and come up with something more fun and complex.

Where's Avo? Where's Avo?

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Fun for 15 seconds!

I used that exact same sentence to describe another Flash entry, except on this one I used an explanation mark becuase it's slightly entertaining. The music fit perfecctly and it was amusing that "Fathead" was so ridiculously easy to spot. The visuals are also decent. However, it's horrendously short, and because of its simple nature I'd only ever want to play it once. I should also point out that it is in someone poor taste, as the main character is a Clock, and it seems it's a huge trend to use clocks in movies now. It's generic and unoriginal.

bigbadron responds:

dude, its clock day. so stfu. and do you know how hard it was to find those damn pics? took me like 2 hours.

<3 you sonovabitch

Three Stooges Soundboard Three Stooges Soundboard

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Blah! I see no use for this.

I'm not giving this a bad review because I despise the Three Stooges, but because this was done so poorly. Besdies there being a very limited range of sounds to choose from, they were all of horrible quality and barely audible. Only one or two of them would be fit for making a prank phone call and the others simply aren't amusing and are completely useless.

UnsidedSoftware responds:

Bear with us, this is only a demo version, per se. We are currently working on a better version with twice the sounds and better humor. (We've got a lot more clips than what is displayed here.)

keyboard challenge keyboard challenge

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Has potential but needs work.

This was weird. I loved the creepy, trippy visuals and bizarre animation. It was rather amusing to see all of those things floating around in the background, especially that "evil" cloud. The concept behind this is interesting, but a bit pointless. Why play the keyboard when there's already three preset tunes (which kick ass, by the way)? I think you should make a trippy game where you can click on various objects to solve a puzzle or something, much like those old Monty Python games from the 90's. Your style and sense of humor could really go places. This is a good start.

Sko responds:

funny that you mention monty python,do you know "shoot the looney"? i wanted to do include something like that but got too lazy =)

Darth Vader Soundboard Darth Vader Soundboard

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Well organized, but...

These weren't very good clips to use. Often a soundboard is used so that one can properly imitate the character whose audio is being used--thus, common phrases such as "yes", "no", "hello", etc., are mandatory. This is just a collection of common sayings from various Star Wars movies and thus doesn't have much of a use. It is put together well though, and the way in which each section of audio clips are categorized is a great touch.

VADER-HATER responds:

wasn;t an original touch ! but peace anyways ...

The Maze The Maze

Rated 0 / 5 stars


I was unable to locate the original title of this movie, but it was by a different author and had slightly different graphics. I played this game several months ago.

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Tetris &amp;quot;Flash re-birth&amp;quot; Tetris "Flash re-birth"

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

It's not really original, but definitely decent.

When I started playing this, I kind of wondered, what's the point? Tetris has been redone and modified in countless forms. This really isn't anything new, but managed to retain the same addictive, simple fun of the original Tetris while adding a few interesting new features. Some sound, music and difficulty levels would be nice, but as it stands it's not bad.

Catpocalypse Catpocalypse

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Refreshingly fun!

I spent at least half an hour on the game just to beat it, which really says something. It's simple and straight forward, and surprisingly addictive. There's a number of features you could add to enhance the gameplay, though only a few that would be wise to implment in order to keep the simplicity of it intact. I think a weapon upgrade, such as a machine, would be interesting (either as a pick-up weapon or a weapons one of the cats possess). Different difficulty settings (with the differences being in number of hit points taken or amount of cats you shoot) would also be interesting, and perhaps a boss level (I felt the ending was a bit abrupt). Other than that, you've got a pretty flawless game, other than the corny dialogue and the fact that you can drive "over" the cars in the last level. On a few minor notes, you might want to make shots that are offscreen either silenced or less audible, as it is a bit disorienting when you can hear them but can't see them. Also, some of enemy gunfire sounds a bit strange--might want to replace those .wavs. Overall, a great effort and great gameplay!

Kill the prep! Kill the prep!

Rated 0 / 5 stars

Can anyone say &quot;teen angst&quot;?

Oh man, this was so corny. I'm mad at preps because they're different than me! So I'm going to take my rage out by making a crappy Flash game that doesn't even fucking work properly! Give it a fucking rest, buddy. I don't care for preps myself but I don't feel the need to waste the time and energy on something like this. You could have at least NOT picked fucking nu metal (ever heard of thrash, buddy?). Man, this is pathetic. Like something a 12-year-old might get a kick out of. Angst out the anus on this one. The didn't even work properly (i.e., select the gun and suddenly you're using the knife, etc.). Visuals were sub-par.

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EvlScoot responds:

yes i know it didnt work properly. it worked when i tested on my comp but when i uploaded the scripting failed on me.. i went into this game knowing almost no actionscript. so im happy with the bit i learnd thanks for your opinion i still got alot more to learn... maybe one day ppl will like wut i submit

World War II Offensive World War II Offensive

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Put together with an air of proffessionality...

But plagued with horrible English translation (which is forgiveable, but the author should have gotten help), awful collision detection (enemies seem to jump around sporatically when you fire at them) weapons that could use tweeking (the Thompson fires one round at a time and makes a sound suggesting it's firing three or four), and the whole concept is quite unoriginal, as it's pretty obvious the visuals were stolen from a Medal of Honor type game. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if they WERE from a MOA game. I also found it impossible to finish the first level thanks to the glitchy collision detection. But despite all of these mass shortcomings, the game was mildly entertaining, and had some neat options such as being able to control how many enemies you battle or being able to collect power-ups via crates and boxes. And despite the visuals being stolen, they were tweened pretty well for the most part. Overall, needs work. A lot of work.